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Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions if you have them. Peace and Love Where will you be holding the workshop?Please consider our space Studio SAVEC especially since quite a few of our members have already shown interest in this thread.Then walk down to Kampa and have a coffee in Werichova vila - with delicious desserts by Iveta Fabešová - salted caramel větrník is a must (read something about Werich and pretend to be very clever).And then evening drink in Žižkovský vysílač - up in the sky. Evening people Just a quickie I heard, or read on here that if you are not Czech but you become a parent to a baby born here, you automatically get residency or citizenship, maybe something on those lines. Do they require an IDP or anything outside a normal U. If you are a long-term resident - meaning you hold a long-term or permanent residency visa - you are required to have a Czech driver's license. Just trying to avoid getting into serious trouble for not knowing the law if I get pulled over by a cop Law requires you to have an IDP whether the car rental requires it or not.

Ours are from Conrad (store in Germany, but same online)

I have international experience working in Germany for a prior internship.

I served my mission in Slovakia therefore I speak Slovak, a little bit of Czech and am currently studying Russian. I live in Zeitraum Student Housing in Prague 7 and don't want to travel too far.

Same with Carbon Monoxide detectors: idea how to get the data from a phone I broke months ago?

The screen is broken but the phone itself is running.

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