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“At the heart of [Abel's] work are traces of both the cutting edge and the long arc of history.

The event’s press release notes “intellectually fresh and moving, Abel’s work represents an unwavering voice of his generation.” Abel, who currently divides his time between his Addis Ababa studio and Washington D.That really convinced me to move to California.” Discussing his favorite musicians, Elias said his musical taste and influences are wide-ranging.“As far as Ethiopian musicians are concerned I like Mulatu Astatke for being the father of Ethio Jazz,” he said.Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff December 17th, 2017 New York (TADIAS) — This month the second Addis Video Art Festival takes place at various locations in Ethiopia’s fast-changing capital exploring the notion of “love triangle” and featuring works by a diverse group of international artists interpreting unique personal vantage points formed as a result of constant mobility, forced or otherwise.The festival, which will be held from December 24th, 2017 to January 03, 2018 “presents works that translate new positions that are created from the experience of moving or changing between place, time and or identity,” the press release states, adding that love triangle “implies a connection and ties between three entities; the subject and two objects.

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