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Realize that there is a decent amount of money in what they're doing.This, for instance, could be how they do it (speculation): Said bot applications watch the tables and data mine all information that gets "posted" to the chat log. So, the bot then rips an image of the chat log, matches it against the store, converts the data to a format they can work with, and throws it in a database. [edit] No, the data isn't sold to them by the poker sites themselves.Finally, you can easily synchronize colored players back to Poker Stars with one click.

Then configure which Poker Stars nation should be used for Shark Scope searches.

I've seen a few posts on this suggesting it's done by OCR software grabbing the screen.

Well, that's really difficult and processor hungry, so a programmer wouldn't choose to do that unless there were no other options.

No problem, Sng Auto Coloring can handle this case as well.

With the recoloring option you can load already colored players from your Poker Stars notes.

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Do they have a farm of servers running applications that open hundreds of tables (windows) and then somehow spider/datamine the hands that are being played? I'll use Poker Stars for example, since they have, by far, the best security of any online poker site.

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