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Nonetheless, his contribution was so considerable, that Executive Producers Terry Gilliam and Bob Ezrin gave him a Special Thanks credit.

Comment If you're an AAPL shareholder, there are reasons to be deeply troubled by last night's WWDC announcements of new Macs, OS X 10.9 and i OS 7.

Few i Phone users will complain about "stealing", and many will wonder what took so long - their Android-carrying friends seem to take these for granted.

The new one is bland, a bit 'so what' and frankly totally unsexy.

It was widely believed that "Apple was unmanageable" after its mercurial, driven co-founder Steve Jobs departed in 1985 - without Jobs, egos ran rampant and chaos ruled. Firstly, that it has outsourced its design to Seattle, Mountain View and Waterloo, Ontario.

Apple in 2013 is in much better shape, as Jobs ran a disciplined ship for years, and groomed his successors. The new i OS 7 was the first statement of intent from a post-Steve Jobs Apple. The i OS 7 overhaul brings in long overdue changes but "borrows" liberally from - if you're being generous, otherwise you may prefer "has ripped off" - designs and features from its smartphone competitors Microsoft, Google and Black Berry. It's from Microsoft that Apple has borrowed most heavily. The overall cosmetic look of i OS in 2013 is that of Windows Phone in 2010. From Android there's a quick shortcuts panel - the "Control Center" and an improved Notification Center - which Apple originally plundered from Android in 2011.

And if you're getting the creeping uneasy that an egomaniac has taken over Apple's website, this should dispel any doubts: And here's the kind of reaction he probably dreamed of, from blogger John Gruber, a favourite of both the die-hard fanbois (F) and pixel wankers (W). One is the ostentatious kind, which reminds you of the designer every day you look at it.

There is a considerable overlap (F ∩ W) on the F and W Venn diagram. This is exemplified by the Apple G4 Cube, a bravura piece of work which I liked so much that I have, over the years, had several - as I wrote about, at length, here.

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