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" Sean lay on his back, "You want my cream, don't you? " I crawled down between his legs and simply moaned louder around his cock and started to play with his ass. " I started to suck even more furiously, trying to take his beautiful cock as deep as I could, trying to show how bad I wanted him to take my ass, trying to show him how turned on I was at the thought of him pounding my ass. I kept my finger in his ass as he finally let loose with a gasp and started to shoot his man juice down my throat.You are a total sucking sucking my cock! He was able to reach down and start playing with my ass while I sucked his cock. I kept my lips around his cock and pumped it with my other hand trying to get every ounce of his seed.

Sean lived about three hours away from me, but we were both very excited about what could happen if and when we were ever to meet.From Sean's stories and emails, he sounded like the guy that I would want to take my ass for the first time.Our chat sessions were very intense and always ended in me begging for him to "cum in my ass." Being a contract worker, I was able to set my own schedule and thus getting time off for entertaining Sean wouldn't be hard and as I often worked long hours, my girl wouldn't question where I was.It tasted even better than I remembered from my other experiences and I couldn't seem to get enough.I was so close to coming while I sucked him, but even with him working my ass, I didn't cum.

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He was a good-looking guy in his early 30's and I was in my late 20's I was to meet him at the hotel he had booked in my town.

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