Is kristen stewart still dating her boyfriend

In fact, it was actually the other way around, with Kristen reportedly begging Rob for another chance all these months.She’s stayed single since their most recent breakup as an effort to win Rob back, even though Rob has only gone from fling to fling., and a “mystery blonde” that he left a party with.Since then, Robert Pattinson has remained out of the public’s eye, carefully avoiding paparazzi as the holiday season nears.

All this time, she waited and waited and didn’t act on any attraction to other dudes, but it’s clear at this point that Rob’s not taking her back.Kristen Stewart’s first boyfriend was actor Michael Angarano. Great life changes happened after Kristen took a role of Bella Swan in Twilight saga.She became very famous through that role and also met her next love – handsome Robert Pattinson.Robert Pattinson isn’t even hiding his relationship status anymore, and he’s blatantly letting the whole world know that he’s single and ready to mingle.Yes, he may still ‘keep in touch’ with Kristen Stewart, but he sure as hell isn’t waiting around for her.

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