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The latest police figures show there were 766 ‘sextortion’ cases in the first nine months of this year.

Nearly all victims were male, with ages ranging from 14 to 66.

So far I have only found one on Logitech which is only available in US,, I am in hongkong.

More Hong Kong men are falling prey to sex chat scams, police warned, as the number of cybersex-related blackmail cases rose sharply this year.

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Some of my recent favourite shots from the automatic webcam atop the YSW Ferry Pier.Lin said most of the scams were operated by syndicates in Southeast Asia.The gangs created social media accounts on which they posed as attractive Asian women and befriended victims.One local victim paid up to US,000 to keep compromising material private.This means, sunset animations of YSW harbour, available all night!

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