Six weeks ago, he hinted at a possible romance with the Latina star after posting a photo of Becky flaunting a soccer jersey with her name and his number, #17., he is also from California.Lletger was born in San Francisco.4) He is of Argentine descent.7) Yerba mate, the South American caffeine-rich infused drink, is his remedy for an away trip. Roiz is a Miami-based bilingual journalist of Nicaraguan descent.In addition to Latin Times, she's published in VOXXI, The Miami Herald, Huffington Post, La Opinion, El Nuevo Herald, The Latin Kitchen and more.Both of his parents are from Argentina.5) Lletget signed his first professional contract with West Ham in September 2010.6) He is a loving family man.

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Earlier this week, Becky G posted a photo of a handsome man, and although she did not spill the beans, something tells us that professional soccer star Sebastian Lletget is her new .

Neither Becky nor Sebastian have officially confirmed their relationship, but it is pretty obvious that the two are head-over-heels with each other thanks to some of their posts on Instagram.

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