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I don't do well with friends first, though I'd prefer to get to know the girl before something serious.

So a few casual dates is what I would be looking for.

Yes friendships can turn into wonderful relationships.

But to wait around and develop a friendship FIRST, depending on the woman you are after, you could very likely miss out --quickly, for the exact reason you mentioned. I am not easy to impress so when I am, that rare guy has always become my boyfriend (after I have done some serious research on the guy.) But, that guy has also been very assertive.

Some of us just don't want to be left behind...i can't be "friends" with a woman i'm attracted to. anyway, point being the friendship thing will only with me if there's no mutual attraction.

if there is mutual attraction, i wanna put the moves on her or find out ASAP if i have a chance. Spend some time together, talk, see if there is basis to move on towards exclusivity. Unless you are talking about getting to the sex faster, which is different from what you typed.

if not, i move on..interested in wasting my time or hers! Nearly every one of my friends who are in very long term relationships or married started out as friends first.

I'd rather not date an ex convict/meth head who has multiple felonies on his record because I jumped in to fast.Women often complain that it takes them time for them to develop an attraction to someone, that they don't want to feel rushed, that the best way is for a man and woman to become "friends first," then decide whether they like each other enough to become more intimate. I mean charming, warm, funny, or appealing in any way at all--is almost always being pursued by more than one man at a time. A man who takes his time really getting to know a woman, who tries to become "friends first," is likely to end up being knocked aside by another man who is more aggressive.My point is, not every man who seems to want to hurry things along is just trying to get into your pants (though plenty are, I admit).Someone who is just in it for the sex or as a fling, will not. You’re getting together with your best friend this weekend – oh no! If this happens, eventually we transition over into complacency, and that is territory which is void of energy, romance, or excitement. The reality of it is that this can be the case in much of life.We cannot fall into this trap, but there is also a good kind of comfort. The good kind of comfort is essential to being honest and open with each other. You will be faced with problems and challenges that you need to figure out Even regular everyday tasks like piecing schedules together and figuring out who is going to pick the kids up from soccer practice which day, who will have dinner ready, and who will get the dog to the vet – become a giant puzzle that two people need to work together to solve. Let’s be real about this – someone who will always just smile and nod will never be honest with you when you need them to.

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