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Its so incredibly hard to know what to do xx A word of caution about au pairs. An au pair however, should not be left in sole charge of a child under the age of 3.

The agencies around here are very insistent on that.

The mum works three days, the dad full time and they use a day nursery, plan their shifts around each other and use parents for the hour or so before 8 and after 6. They used the hospital nursery for the first year but with the constant need to change roles and locations in their professions it just didn't work and they moved near her parents and found a daycare nursery.

I think that unless you have parents that will help or a load of money to pay for a nanny that will work different hours each week then there aren't a whole lot of options apart from planning your shifts around each other.

This at least covered us between 8am & 6pm when we needed it but hubbie would need to be off either side of these times as we couldn't find any alternative childcare.

Also, its very important to me that my little girl go to bed in her own house so if my partner and I are both on a late shift, I would like the child minder to stay at my house for the evening, put my daughter to bed and then leave when we return home.

We don't have any family living nearby that can help too.

They certainly don't make it easy for us shift workers but you do seem to find a way around it but I would start looking asap and give yourself time to explore what options are best for you.

As he earns less his work has to be the flexible one & that's why he has to stay in a lower paid job.

With our first son I found a nursery that would be flexible with days as I didn't need every Tuesday for example as I might be off one Tuesday but working one shift or another the next three.

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