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"From the beginning, we've been impressed by the Rutgers team and the dedication to their remarkable brand.

This is our first Big Ten school, and our team is working hard to develop an amazing app for the Scarlet Knights.

that offsides is the same as a [email protected]_Dewar (Twitter): I didn't expect to win but this is awful seeing so many mistakes. David Thuma (Facebook): No anger or emotion on the sideline, just sitting there and taking it. @Up Deck Jerk Guy (Twitter): When does basketball season start? I expected many mistakes but not this bad but I can live with it. Darcy Sparty (MSU Red Cedar Message Board): I don't know whether to harbor some hope for the rest of the season or weep uncontrollably into whatever beer I have left in my fridge. Our defense played much better than the scoreboard [email protected] (Twitter): Appreciate all the fans that came out! Vim (MSU Red Cedar Message Board) That drive was way too easy. David Burt (Facebook): This is the worst possible start they could have had. Brutal start to the season for [email protected] State News (Twitter): If the field were 99.5 yards long, LJ Scott would have 2 more rushing touchdowns this [email protected] Schuiling (Twitter): This could be... Cannot believe Scott continues to have these ball security issues. Ian Mc Hale (Facebook): Hello darkness my old friend Keith Fabbri (Facebook): Thoughts on 1st half... This game is done but we can’t give up on him - he’s got what it takes. Spartan Rocky (MSU Red Cedar Message Board): Well, no. Young team getting it's first taste of adversity and their first game vs. Let's see if they can settle down a [email protected] (Twitter): Big Boy"With the launch of our new Rutgers Gameday app, our fans can now customize their experience," said Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Pat Hobbs."We are excited to offer them this new and improved way to enjoy Scarlet Knights action." "From Now On is thrilled to be partnering with Rutgers Athletics," said Sue Thaden, President & CEO of From Now On.

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