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The cracktros all are freeware – you won’t find any warez here.

This site is a collection of the executeable files only.

Click the original chipset, disable CPU caches and boot without startup-sequence, try again with killaga.

Even then, some very rare cracktros will run on an classic Amiga 500 only.

In the year of the lord 1995/1996 Icarus^HF reopened Lightforce once again!

URL: no/~u952487, com/afl197 The mainorganizer of CRUX Shane created the cracking group not with the intention of being a cracking group only.

In 1996 he tried to split the group in order to create a legal devision caled „crux design“ However, the demogroup „crux design “ didn’t survive.

After SHi Ni NG released their great VECTOR EXTERMi NATOR demo in 1990 a cooperation began with DUAL CREW & SHi Ni NG (DC-S).

Around 1991 the DUAL CREW SHINING team was born and they are still active at is a legend and is one of the top groups since the beginning of the legendary C64 and was formed aroun 1987 due to breakup of the group called „West Coast Crackers“ (WCC).

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