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On closer examination, however, they can be seen to be fake.In particular in Inch mode the display only shows 3 digits, not 4, after the decimal point, the serial number on the calliper does not match that on the test certificate, the button functions are not as described in the instructions, and the batteries supplied are not Mitutoyo brand SR44 silver oxide parts.We use a Stanley Rabone square that has a cast iron stock and hardened steel beam.Their reference number is: Stanley Rabone Combination Square 12″ – 300mm Professional Cast Iron 0-46-151.The items in question are advertised as Mitutoyo 6 inch digital callipers part 500-196-20.They look quite convincing, and come in apparently correct packaging together with instructions and test certificate.This then at least doubles the value and purpose of the tool.The sliding beam (blade or plate) makes the tool versatile too in that you can slide the beam to suit specific applications.

For the quality and engineering standards they tick every box.

The problem worsens and then you discover several areas where your work has been compromised with inaccuracies.

Alluminium squares are also quite lightweight, too light in weight actually.

The main advantage of the combination square for woodworkers over many others is that it’s a one size fits all hands which gives the convenience of holding the square against the workpiece without overextending the hand.

The holes in the stock casting allow for excellent grip, an essential ingredient for small-handed people and convenient for all.

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It stands to reason that the square must be exactly what its name says, dead square.

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