C2c web cam on ipod

This great app which is freely downloadable from the i Pad app store helps people to cut costs on long distance international calls.

The quality of calls on this app is also second to none as the crystal clear audio and images are near what is experienced for CD quality.

You can also take video calls from buddies even when the app is working in the background, since the ring out tone alerts you like a regular call does.

Skype App for i Pad has made video chatting with buddies very interesting as you can make calls to Skype users on all sorts of devices from desktop computers to Skype enable TV’s, mobile phones and i Pods.

For greater connectivity, you can invite other buddies to use Vtok App for i Pad.

Most of these video chat apps also work on i Phone, and i Pod Touch.You can choose to make either an audio call or video call and seamlessly switch between both modes at will, even while a call is in progress.Making video calls to your friends on Facebook is now possible.Also, videos can be viewed in either landscape or portrait modes while chatting.Generally, this is one of the best free video chat apps available on the i Pad as the videos are crisp and clear with no interruptions during calls.

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